Masti Ki Pathshala

Our flagship program for education called ‘Masti ki Paathshaala’ mainly focuses on children living in and around Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We work towards opening creative spaces for holistic development, through the integrated learning principles of the Head, Heart and Hands philosophy (Inspired by Waldorf Education).

The intention is to recognize the gifts of each child and create possibilities where the gifts can shine through. We wish to humanize education, create wonder, appreciate play, imagination, questions and nurture the sense of self, rather than use education for a limited goal of doing a particular job or earning a living.

To realize the above dream we have started 5 schoolhouses where the children learn subjects like Math, Language, Handwork, Science, Social Studies and Arts through the phenomena of life itself. We even travel for learning journeys. For we believe that, life is the best teacher and classrooms are not just physically bound spaces. Life skills, personal & social development needs of our children usually get taken care of because of the multitude of opportunities and platforms they get access to along the way.

Masti Ki Paathshaala literally means ‘Funschool’ and every encounter with the children is fun yet enriching for volunteers. We believe that education is a two way street, one cannot teach unless one is learning. And that makes each one of our volunteers someone who is undergoing unending education himself or herself.