“The only thing constant in life is change and we must grow with it and revel in it.”
- Founder, Ritika Arya

Our Story

Who We Are

We are bunch of young enthusiasts who live passionately and unconditionally.

Our Approach

We simply put together ideas, people & resources to create innovative solutions that serve the needs of the community.

We believe we are abundant and the right things will come to us at the right time (and they always do)!

Our Aim

To enable the children to become independent thinkers, empathetic human beings and passionate individuals.

To build a strong community of individuals that facilitates free exchange.

For the children to become ambassadors of joy and goodness wherever they go!

Our Dream

To inspire and be inspired, always! To spread wonder, joy and love! To see the change and be the change!

YIF Inspires

We love people. People love us. People can’t help but love us. And we can’t help but love them back! Here’s a glimpse of the love & appreciation showered upon us:

  • Volunteer

    I personally have learnt a lot from others and I am still learning. YIF has helped in building my character and made me believe that even your smallest contribution will help create an impact in the society.
    - Abhishek Rasane, Student.

  • Volunteer

    A journey that started by chance and has now become an integral part of my life. YIF is a way of life, an ideology that attracts anyone who experiences it. Not a single day goes by where I haven't learnt something about myself or my surroundings.
    - Jimit Shukla, Operations Analyst, JP Morgan.

  • Volunteer

    YIF is an energy source. For me it's learning from kids and for kids. Loving, caring, joyful, pure, full of fun, nourishing, peaceful, energizing, cheerful, lively would be less to describe my experience with YIF. YIF has touched my heart and I'm sure it will keep touching hearts of many lives with a beautiful melody. I feel so powerful being part of YIF.
    - Avani Shah, Asst. Manager Statistics, Bookmyshow.

  • Mentor

    In my 9 years of experience, I have never experienced students with such enthusiasm and grasping skills. Within few months of mentoring, I was myself inspired to become a full time volunteer for YIF. Now it’s a huge family I have.
    ­ Johitt Arora, Hair and Make­up Expert and Trainer.

100 Our Volunteers
We have a community of invested and dedicated volunteers supporting us.
200 Our Children
Our children are a loving and enthusiastic lot, ages 3-16 years.
2338 Facebook Likes
The people who like what we do are constantly growing and FB is just one indicator.
Infinite Dreams Come True
The dreams that are taking shape are countless, we feel amazing!

Our Associations