Dream Auroville

30 children from 3 different communities and 12 volunteers went for an experiential learning journey to Auroville, in October 2014. The highlight of this trip was that the children travelled by an ‘Airplane', it was a dream come true for them (and also some volunteers)!

This journey was one of the most special journeys because it was our first and the most beautiful experience in terms of spiritual, emotional and physical aspects.

The place itself had a very strong vibe of community and sustainability that it became easy for us to soak into it. Before we left the volunteers had a strong intention, which was to see the children mix up and move beyond petty village rivalry into a space of togetherness. When the children landed they were clearly children from 3 different villages; but as the days passed it became more and more difficult to identify who was from which village. Before we knew it, girls from different villages were sharing accessories and makeup; boys were bonding while cleaning the community tables together and running after each other. In 5 days everyone had become such a tight unit.

The love and the oneness were palpable. This journey will be remembered forever, for people who went on this journey came back transformed in profound ways. Seeds of love and faith were sown which are now being grown.