The Bodhi Project


Bodhi means to awaken… to enlighten… to tap into the universal power!
This September, Young Innovators Foundation (YIF) with support from ‘Book A Smile (BAS)’ is taking 12 Tribal Children and 8 Volunteers on an 11-Day journey to live a DREAM…To meet their ‘Bodhi’ within!
Come 1st September 2016, 20 members of YIF will be visiting SECMOL, Ladakh, an alternative school of education & innovation. (It is the same school shown at end in the Bollywood Movie ‘Three Idiots’). Yes,
‘Phunsuk Wangdu’ is real! And he is SECMOL’s founding member, Sonam Wangchuk.


Students’ Educational & Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) is run by young Ladakhis to reform the educational system of Ladakh. SECMOL’s alternative school is an eco-friendly campus at Phey, Ladakh.
They also organize residential activities for Ladakhi students to provide exposure to ideas that conventional schools don’t provide.


The objectives of this project are:
-       To interact with individuals who’ve created sustainable systems for themselves
-       To learn about holistic processes of their community
-       To facilitate community exchange
-       To gain exposure to alternative education through experiential learning
-       To mingle with new children and learn how to adapt in unfamiliar environments
-       To study their eco-culture
-       To come back a little more enlightened
Some of the things SECMOL works with are: Educational Reforms, Solar Energy, Eco-Tourism and Organic Jam Making.
...And those are reasons enough for us to visit this beautiful place!
To know more about SECMOL, visit:  
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Us and you, together we can make dreams come true!