The children made a trip to Kidzania in April, 2014 . It was a simulated environment that made it possible for them to step into shoes of people from different professions. Each child was free to choose and attend a session of a profession that interested them. There were Dabbawalas, Bankers, Journalists, Beauticians, Chocolatiers and many more.

The children had a time of their life. They really enjoyed the process of earning and spending Kidzos (Kidzania money) with ease. They served as cashiers at the supermarket, worked at the coke factory, danced like theatre artists, recycled for the joy of sustainable living and the list goes on...

Given that such is the world they live in, they got a safe environment to breathe in and touch things without being stopped. They could experiment and take their own time and it was a fun and insightful experience for all those who participated.

This trip was a gift from Future Group & Kidzania to us and we thank the universe for such amazing gifts!