Experiential Learning

We believe that children learn better in safe and holistic environments, where maximum senses can be nurtured. In order to provide children with enriching, immersive experiences, we have several ‘working with hands’ sessions. We also take them out for periodic field trips and learning Journeys.

We take children on one‐day trips and also weeklong journeys to places that can supplement or add to their existing knowledge base. For example, when the children were learning about growing food and chocolate making we planned a visit to a nearby bakery. When children were learning about professions, we made a visit to Kidzania, where they experienced a range of professions by stepping into different shoes. When we were speaking about innovation and clean living, we visited Auroville, near Pondicherry and so on.

These trips help the children and the volunteers bond, connect and understand each other better. They enable us to gain different perspectives of looking at things. The journeys have played an integral role in shaping the children and the volunteers.